Tips For Writing About Possible Vices Like Gambling

Writing about vices comes with a cautionary tip to ensure what is written has been thoroughly researched and validated by professional experts.

The dictionary defines vices as a moral depravity or corruption, wickedness, moral fault or failing or habitual and usually trivial defect, shortcoming or foible.

It may also be described as a practice, habit or behavior, generally considered criminal, depraved, sinful, immoral, taboo, degrading or rude by society. Thus, the individual feels compelled or extraordinary urgency toward the specified vice. These vices include, but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • Overeating
  • Tobacco (smoking)
  • Sex
  • Video gaming
  • Social media

In the U.S., the most common vices are alcohol and drugs. Gambling ranks as third most common vice in the U.S.

As a vice industry, gambling is No. 3 in the world. As a result of the rise in the number of casinos outside of Nevada and legalization of online casinos, gambling addictions are on the rise. Online casinos are referred to as mobile casinos since they can be accessed from mobile devices.

All of this offers a broad range of ideas for writing about possible vices like gambling. For example, a writer might wish to focus on writing on the demographics of mobile casinos and compare them to the number of mobile device users.

Another tip may be to assess the most frequently used types of mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet and the availability of software apps.

Also, it is important to include the most popular apps associated with gambling vices linked to mobile casinos.

More Tips for Writing About Other Possible Vices

No matter which of the top vices is chosen for the topic of a written article, the tone of the writing should address the underlying causes of the vice and medical community’s opinions.

A brief history of the origin of some of these vices such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs can include sources most likely to increase the urgency or predilection toward the specific vice.

A writer might wish to expound upon factual cases of how an individual began to gravitate toward alcohol or drugs as a vice and an examination of the effect on the individual’s life.

Vices in the Extreme

All writers know reader attention is captured quickest by writing about extreme cases of vice. The ideas for writing about gambling as a vice might include top gambling markets, highest winning streaks, and greatest gambling losses. This can also be a strategy for writing about alcohol and drugs.

When a writer seeks out a particular individual for an interview on the record, the final product can be most successful. Today, there are numerous ways to choose a subject with a predilection toward the vice of extreme video gaming and obsessions with social media that become a personal vice and a behavioral problem.

Write About the History of Vice

With the variety of vices to write about, a written treatise on the history of tobacco, alcohol, drugs (prescription and non prescription as well as those considered illegal) and overeating may well provide interesting views on the past history as it compares to contemporary vices.

Potential Vices like Gambling

All vices require full consent and participation of the individual. A writer can explore these vices in individuals who may have a potential inclination toward them.

Write about the traits of character that are likely to portend future indulgence in vices. Use examples from the medical community’s research and studies on the prominent personality traits that can lead to experimentation with vices and the age levels at which these can be seen.